What is PRP?

PRP, Platelet-rich plasma, therapy is a form of replenishing treatment that can augment the anti-aging, hair restoration, and other cosmetic procedures. 

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a substance that is predicted to promote healing when injected. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special “factors,” or proteins, that help your blood to clot and it also contains proteins that support cell growth. When PRP is injected into damaged tissues, it will stimulate your body to grow new, healthy cells and promotes healing. Since the tissue growth factors are more concentrated in the prepared growth injections, researchers consider that the body’s tissues may heal faster.

What is Plasma?

The fluid characteristic of the blood denotes to Plasma, in which our red and white blood cells along with Platelets are suspended as it moves throughout our bodies. It also contains proteins, glucose, nutrients, hormones, and antibodies, though plasma is mainly 92% water. Plasma makes to about 55% of our blood and its main purpose is to carry nutrients, proteins, glucose, hormones, and antibodies to the part of the body that needs it. It facilitates helping our muscles and bones to grow as well as clotting factors that help to stop bleeding whenever there is an injury or cut.

What are Platelets?

Platelets are minuscule blood cells that are suspended in Plasma along with proteins, glucose, nutrients, hormones, and antibodiesPlatelets are produced in the bone marrow, the same as the red cells, and most of the white blood cells. 

Platelets are produced from exceptionally large bone marrow cells called megakaryocytes. While they do not have restorative properties by themselves, platelets do secrete the growth factors involved in cell division, tissue regeneration, and healing. Platelets also help with blood clotting to prevent excessive bleeding.

What is the procedure of PRP?   

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is relatively a simple procedure that can be performed in two hours under cosmetologists or technicians. 

A little portion of the blood is taken out of the patient’s blood. Between 15 to 50 milliliters, less than two ounces, are required for the procedure. The collection of blood samples is like giving blood for a blood test. The blood is captured in a small flask and sent to centrifuge the blood. A centrifuge is a device that spins at high speeds. This method physically separates the solid and liquid parts of the blood such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. The resulting 3 to 7 milliliters of collected platelet-rich-plasma are processed and collected in a syringe and then injected into the coveted areas.

Normal blood contains about 200,000 platelets per millimeter, whereas platelet-rich-plasma contains as much as five times that amount.

When platelet-rich-plasm, PRP, combined with micro-needling, the positives of both treatments in one session can be achieved. This treatment is also called Vampire facial benefits, where the procedure can help you reverse the signs of aging along with other skin flaws like acne scars, injury or surgical marks, sunspots, pigmentation, dullness, etc. Resulting in smooth, glowing youthful skin.

What are the side effects of PRP, Platelet-rich-plasma therapy?

Platelet-rich-plasma, PRP, has no adverse side effects, as it involves the use of one’s platelets. You may experience minor side effects, but this is completely normal, and you do not have to worry about it.  You may experience redness and slight pain at the site of injections after treatment. The redness will disappear in a couple of days. 

What is Vampire Facial    

PRP facials have been around for quite a long while, but the treatments acquired media attention when Kim Kardashian splashed her blood-covered selfies across the tabloids. Known for her interest in new and unusual beauty treatments, Kim talked about how the procedure, now dubbed “Vampire Facelifts” gave her skin a rejuvenated look. Soon, Kourtney followed suit expressing her fondness the Vampire facial benefits.

Vampire Facials blends Micro-needling with PRP Therapy, resulting in stimulation of the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. Using devices like the Micro Pen or Derma pen, dermatologists inflict micro-injuries or puncture the skin. As the skin heals, it acquires a smoother appearance with fewer lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. One of the most effective ways for repairing Injury Scars and Acne Marks is through Micro-needling, as the fine needles can break the fibers in the scar tissue. The new skin and tissue that forms on the site have a more even texture since it heals quickly.

By blending PRP therapy with micro-needling, cosmetologists can maximize Vampire facial benefits. The growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines, platelets, and other healing components in the PRP serum enter the punctured wounds into the lower layers of the skin. Here, they act on the collagen and elastin and induce the layer to produce more cells quickly. The skin can also use the PRP elements as building blocks to rebuild the tissues faster.

The Vampire Facials technique:

The dermatologist, to ensure that you get the maximum Vampire facial benefits follows a careful step-by-step procedure. He begins by applying a topical numbing agent all over the skin, this agent takes about 30 minutes to take effect. Meanwhile, the lab technician draws about 10ml to 15ml of your blood from the forearm and processes it in a centrifugal machine. By the time, the PRP serum is extracted and prepared for injection, you will be ready for your Vampire facial.

The cosmetologist will work on one section of your skin at a time. The cosmetologist will place the drops of the PRP serum on the skin and will run the Micro Pen over the targeted area and serum allowing it to seep into the skin, or cosmetologists may also massage the serum gently into the skin. In all, three to four passes are made on each section before moving on to the next. In this way, the doctor covers the entire face.  Cosmetologist, for instance, may pay special attention to problem areas like lines, wrinkles, creases, and any acne scars that you may want to erase. You can expect a minor amount of bleeding from the micro-needling which is a normal occurrence.

Recovery Time of Vampire Facial:

Each Vampire facial session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. At the end of the session, your face will have an organic mask made with blood and the straw-colored PRP serum. For best results, the dermatologist will ask you to leave the mask on until the next morning. This time frame allows the PRP serum to work on your skin to rejuvenate it.

Should you opt for only conventional micro-needling treatments, you may notice that the skin appears red and tender for 5 to 7 days. At this time, your doctor may ask you to stay out of the sun and protect it from pollution. However, by combining the treatment with PRP, doctors can speed up the healing and reduce the downtime to 24 hours.

Within the first few days, you should notice your skin gaining a healthy glow.

How frequently Vampire Facial should we take?

The cosmetologist suggests that you sign up for at least 3 sessions at intervals of 4 weeks each. After this, you can maintain the positive Vampire facial benefits with a single session taken every six months. Since micro-needling and PRP therapy stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, you can expect to see the complete benefits of the collagen and elastin rejuvenation in about 4 to 6 weeks. Your cosmetologist will advise the recovery time depending on your body’s natural healing capabilities. But, by following the recommended aftercare precautions, you can speed up the healing and get better results.

Benefits of Vampire Facelift 

The skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin tends to slow down once you reach the age of 25. To maintain the elasticity and the smoothness of your skin, you need treatments like Vampire facials. In addition to the face, you can opt for the procedure for your hands, neck, décolletage, and any other sections where you notice the effects of aging. The complete Vampire facial benefits you can expect: wrinkle-free smoother skin with a firmer texture, removal of acne scars, erasing of injury or surgical marks, clearing stretch marks,  glowing and youthful skin.
The skin tone Improvement with a more even tone, erasing of pigmentation, sun spots, and dullness. This entire process is an effectively painless treatment, Thanks to the numbing cream.

Should you like to have more information about PRP facials and Vampire facelifts, that benefits your skin, please feel free to contact us at Dr. Khilji Faisal Arif The Skin Clinic. Our consultant shall guide you with all the details you need.